History of Kefalonia

Although there are various theories regarding the origin of the island's name, according to mythology, Kefalonia was named after the legendary King Kefalos.

Kefalonia was first inhabited in the 10th century BC and by the 5th century BC was already divided into four autonomous city-states which constituted the 'Kefalonian Tetrapolis' : Krani, Palli, Sami and Pronous.



Kefalonia today

Kefalonia differs from other Greek islands. Fertile valleys planted with vineyards and olive groves are the setting for hundreds of villages, churches and monasteries. Small coves with pebbles and soft sand dot the island's extensive coastline. Stalactites and stalagmites can be admired in Drogarati cave and the overhead sun creates ever-changing colours in the underground lake of Melissani. Loggerhead turtles lay their eggs on the southern coasts of the island and flocks of rare birds nest in Koutavos lagoon at Argostoli. Kefalonia is truly a place of rare natural beauty.




Kefalonia offers visitors a wide choice of activities and places of interest to visit. Among the most popular activities are swimming, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, scuba diving and Kayaking.







When referring to the word beaches minds of all who have gone from this place here goes to our Kefalonia. The entire outline of the island is full of small or large bays with huge variety. Beaches sandy or pebble and rock, always clean and ready to satisfy every taste and requirement. It is no coincidence that each municipality has several blue flags and there are dozens of items that could be an ideal place for swimming. Below we present some of the most popular, as complete record is practically impossible. We strongly recommend you to visit as many as you can.




The island boasts many attractions, ranging from the natural landscape and leading to great creations of those who have passed through this place during the centuries and left their remains positively to him. Below you will find some of the finest attractions and certainly there are many more which will be added subsequently. Their classification is geographically in municipalities, which facilitates the visitor during his tour to various destinations





Kefallonians like great dancers who are participating in all the festivities of their land. The most famous dance is'' Mermygkas'', the'' Divaratikos'' and'''' Kefallinian Ballos. In Kefalonia especially in the summer and of course because of the holiday - season, becoming many festivals.


Entertainment and nightlife in Kefalonia

The Island may not be famous for its nightlife, like other Greek islands, but it certainly will not disappoint the visitors! There are many bars, clubs, restaurants and tavernas on the island, located mainly in Argostoli, Lixouri, Sami, Skala, Fiskardo and Poros. Also do not miss the unique parties organized during the summer at the most cosmopolitan beach bars on the island. Below we present some suggestions for many unforgettable nights on the island of Kefalonia!

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How to get here

This page provides information on how one can get to the island, and how to to visit the various sights and villages of Kefalonia using public transport.

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